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You also pay more for a soy-based formula or another special type of formula, so don't buy it unless your pediatrician recommends it.

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If regular milk-based formula isn't working, talk to your pediatrician. It may be just require a little time for your baby to get used to it, regardless of the type of infant formula you're using.

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Buy big. You'll pay less per ounce when you buy the largest size of powdered formula such as the Use coupons. Sign up for free baby formula coupons when they are available. Normally you just need to enter your name, e-mail address, and the age of your child or baby's due date. Look for Promotions.

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It often pays to keep your eyes peeled for promotional giveaways. Follow the brand on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter for updated information. Switch to cow's milk as soon as you can. After your baby's first birthday, it's safe to transition from infant formula to 2 percent or whole, full-fat cow's milk, which is approximately 3.

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Cow's milk is less expensive and easier to contend with than formula because there's no mixing. If you're a formula user with a one-year-old, go ahead and start filling your baby's bottle or sippy cup with 2 percent or whole milk.

If your baby's not buying it, try introducing whole cow's milk gradually. Here are some deals at Target and Walmart, using this coupon this week —. I love using them to stack with coupons and rewards offers at drugstores and gift card deals at Target.

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