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View all of our Awards. A growing area of telecommunications that is increasingly gaining traction is Communications Platform as a Service, or CPaaS. But what exactly is CPaaS, and how can it benefit your organisation? With our support, your business can increase its portfolio of Next Generation Network products, profit from better margins and enjoy a long term, sustainable market share.

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For reliable, competitively priced business broadband , telecoms and network solutions, you can rely on TalkTalk Business. We understand that for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to major multinationals, effective communication systems are crucial. We also provide a range of Ethernet solutions that ensure your internet connection is able to consistently achieve its highest speed. If you need to connect geographically diverse business sites, our reliable and secure private network solutions may be a good match for your company.

In addition, we offer a wide range of cost-effective and easy to manage business grade voice and IP telephony services. New on-net installs only, subject to 3 year contract term, availability and survey. Excess Construction Charges may be applicable. The shake-up means loyal customers will have access to the same deals as new ones, and a guaranteed fixed price with no broadband price rise for 18 months - TalkTalk's standard contract length.

The firm says scrapping line rental charges, a bugbear of broadband customers who do not use a landline telephone, will offer more transparency. At present, TalkTalk's pricing is split by line rental and tariff - however, this has been heavily criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority, as such deals can appear "misleadingly cheap" to customers. From October 31, new ASA regulations will mean all networks, including Sky and BT must advertise one price only, or risk breaking the law.

TalkTalk first trialled single pricing last summer in York - it also added the option on deals sold on Black Friday last year. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Read More More ways to save money. Follow MirrorMoney. No upfront costs - Sign up for Fast Broadband and you won't have to pay anything up front. Wi-Fi Hub - Get the award winning, This can be a good way to save money on pay-TV. For instance, if you only want to watch the football, you can sign up between August and May, then cancel when the season ends.

Low costs - TalkTalk has some very competitive prices that help it to rank among the cheapest big name providers. The fixed price guarantee makes them even more competitive. What are the drawbacks of TalkTalk? Let's face it, not everything can be perfect, and even the best deals may have a downside.

High complaint levels - Ofcom figures for show that TalkTalk had the second highest number of complaints among the major broadband providers. Complaints for their landline and TV services were also above average. Long contract lengths - 12 months is the minimum contract length for TalkTalk, and even that's only available with the slower, standard broadband service. If you want to go for the fibre option you'll have to sign up for 18 months. Visit TalkTalk. Need help choosing the right TalkTalk deal?

Call our impartial experts free on I cannot tell you how bad this company is for taking people's money and avoiding any type of resolution. It took me hours to get my service cancelled the day after supposed installation. I kept getting fobbed off that they could not cancel and said there was an deactivation fee!!!!

Had it not been for my dogged determination to not give up and be fobbed off to different call centres around the world that I finally managed to speak to a manager who has promised my disconnection has been activated and no fees are due I have yet to see this though. The level of customer service and helping customers is preposterous and I would say avoid at all costs.

The endless calls and being passed from pillar to post and nobody seemingly able to help you, will just ruin your day. I have cancelled my disconnection with Virgin and will stick with them. Even though they are expensive i've never had one problem with them. Defo pay the extra for a happy sream-lined service - Please! Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 1 star Reliability 1 star. Mrs H.

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See my complaint letter I have been literally ignored and fobbed off at every occasion - the worst customer service I have ever experienced. As you will see, my wife and I have been treated extremely poorly by TalkTalk and, after an arduous process have simply been brushed off without so much as an apology or making things right. No suggestion of any problems. Nobody told us this or mentioned anything about it between that text and the 23rd. At about 1 I logged into my account to check how to set things up etc and I see a message saying, roughly - "you need to rebook your appointment with an engineer".

TalkTalk launches low-cost £2.50-a-month broadband package

So, nobody had said anything to me, and now I am sitting at home waiting for an engineer to turn up who never will. The online system gave me a number and told me to ring it, so I did.

"Line Rental Broadband And Phone Packages"

Customer Service Adviser 1 15 mins - this adviser told me to wait until 6pm and see if the engineer turned up. So I waited all day and as expected, nothing happened. My day was wasted for no reason and frankly, nobody seemed to care.

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  5. Customer Adviser 2 15 minutes - using the online chat function, this adviser said there was nothing they could do to help and gave me another number to ring. I was passed onto another adviser to rebook. Customer Adviser 4 15 minutes - this individual told me that I can't cancel and rebook without a 24 hour wait.

    So for no apparent reason at all, I had to wait a full day before being able to rebook and start this process again. No sense of urgency or recognition that I had already been waiting since the 6th of April and now would have to wait until, minimum, 4th of May today. I was to be left with no internet this time and TalkTalk didn't seem to care one jot.

    Lied to for the second time. This would mean getting internet a minimum of 6th of April 1 full month after booking and I would still be sitting here without access. I phone the number I was given. Customer Adviser 6, I lost count here 18 minutes - After a long conversation explaining the situation I was told "you need to rebook and it will be fine". Of course, the events detailed above would make it obvious to anyone that rebooking is not going to solve the problem. He passed me over to rebook anyway. I believe during this time frame I also spoke to someone on the tech team, but I really did start to lose track because of being passed around so much.

    Again I was told that the problem here was that TalkTalk had not passed something over in the time frame required for Bt Openreach. Customer Adviser 7 at least number 7 - After 2 minutes the phone broke up on their end. Called up again. Customer Adviser 8 35 minutes - perhaps the only individual I spoke to who was of any help. She said her name was Pam.

    Best TalkTalk Broadband Deals

    She investigated the problem because she listened to me and understood it was a recurring problem that rebooking would not fix. Pam and I arranged a call for Wednesday 1st of May, she said she would be handling my case and call me between 10 and 12 on the 1st. I get called by someone else, note: not Pam as agreed.

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    Lied to for the third time, Customer Adviser 9 - There is a problem with the line that can be fixed, it may take some time etc etc etc I was passed over again to cancel. Adviser 10 - No word of an apology just, "thank you and goodbye". So to summarise, I booked internet on the 6th of April for the 23rd.

    IF, after the above shambles, I had still waited for TalkTalk to deliver what I ordered I would still be waiting right now, because from the 30th of April, the minimum booking time of 10 days would give me internet on the 10th of May. Though the broadband works well here the customer service is a nightmare.

    If you have any issues be prepared to waste hours. I originally rang them which was painful. I then went to using the chat feature but that seems to have got worse an worse.

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    Spent two hours just trying to get one answer which in the end was a one liner! And once you want to leave you better book a day off work!!!! Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 4 stars Reliability 4 stars. When it works its good. But it took a year for them to fix a problem of it dropping several times a day. Switching provider despite cost of cancelling contract.

    Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 5 stars Reliability 1 star. Derek Linney. Difficult to put into words our total dissatisfaction with talktalk. Have had no usable broadband for sixteen days - internet generally very slow, but we've had particular difficulty with secure sites i. Impossible to log into due to incredibly slow speed. You'd think talktalk would want to resolve very quickly - right? Apparently not. Customer service non existent, constantly evading any responsibility, even though there is clearly a problem Nationwide, with talktalk outage currently shown across the entire country.

    Fast Broadband

    If you're considering a new broadband provider, avoid talktalk! Jerry Chattenton. The speed of the broadband is usually slow very slow. My minimum speed guaranteed is My tv is buffering day or night there is no improvement whatsoever and I struggle not only to use WiFi but to each tv too.

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